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go ahead, surprise yourself.


  1. Deepa Gurnani Ilana Earrings - Ivory
  2. Deepa Gurnani Madeline Earrings - Ivory
  3. Deepa Gurnani Anastasia Earrings - Olive
  4. Deepa Gurnani Ara Earrings - Gold
  5. Deepa Gurnani Rain Earrings - White
  6. Deepa Gurnani Rain Earrings - Red
  7. Deepa Gurnani Kienna Earrings - Coral
  8. Jennifer Kahn Medium Silver Kyanite Hoops
  9. Jennifer Kahn Small Silver Hoops Brass Crescent Moon Feather Earrings
  10. Jennifer Kahn Small Brass Hoop Full Moon Earrings with Iridescent Feathers
  11. Jennifer Kahn Medium Brass Deep Crescent Earrings
  12. Jennifer Kahn Small Simple Mezzaluna Brass Earrings