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  1. Native Gem Riviera Stud Earrings - Santorini
  2. These 14K gold vermeil hoop earrings feature Black, Gray and Clear baguettes.
  3. Mesa Blue's Zircon Dot Earrings.
  4. Mesa Blue's Opalite & Blush Pearl Earrings.
  5. Mesa Blue's CZ Triangle Huggie Earrings
  6. Mesa Blue's Brass Cactus Earrings.
  7. Mesa Blue's Hypoallergenic Blue Opal Star Stud Earrings
  8. Mesa Blue's Hypoallergenic Blue Opal Huggie Hoop Earrings
  9. Tramps + Thieves Tessie Pearl Hoops
  10. Tramps + Thieves Sky Fall Opal Studs
  11. Tramps + Thieves Rafaela Studs
  12. Tramps + Thieves Blue Piedritas Hoops
  13. Tramps + Thieves Pes Studs
  14. Tramps + Thieves Peia Threader Earrings
  15. Tramps + Thieves Malo Ii Earrings
  16. Tramps + Thieves Ingrid Studs